According to The Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 (hereinafter referred to as the “act”), section 1(2) the act applies to whole of India. Under section 1(3) the scheme applies to every factory and establishment employing more than 20 employees. Under section 1(5) the scheme continues to apply even if the total number of employees goes below 20 in the future. Under section 2A all branches and departments have to be considered (whether situated at one place or different places) while calculation the number of employees.

Who is an Employee:-

Under section 2(F), employee means any person who is:-
1) Is Employed  -> 1) For Wages &
                                   2) In any kind of work, manual or otherwise &
                                   3)  In or in connection with the work of an establishment.

2) Get his wages directly or indirectly from the employer.

Also Includes,

1) Employed through a contractor in or in connection with the work of an establishment.

2) Engaged as an apprentice not being apprentice under apprentice act, 1961, or under the standing order of the establishment.

Who is an Excluded Employee:-

1) Employee who has been a member of the fund withdrew the full amount of his accumulation on retirement.

2) An Employee whose pay (Basic + DA) exceeds 15,000


Process of Registration:-

Step wise description of registration process;

1) Create a login of primary owner in Shram Suvidha Portal following this link https://registration.shramsuvidha.gov.in/

2) Click on sign up and fill the general details such as Name, Email and Phone number 

3) Click on Login after creating user-id and password.

4) Click on Registration for EPFO – ESIC

5) Click on New Registration

6) Click on Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952 and uncheck Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 if not applicable. Otherwise a common registration will be done for both. Then click “Submit”

7) Registration form requires data under the following headers:-
1) Establishment Details
2) E-Contact
3) Contact Persons
4) Identifiers
5) Employment Details
6) Branch / Division
7) Activities
8) Attachment

8) Click on Establishment Details. Fill Details such as PAN Details, Address, Set Up Date, Start Up Number (Optional), MSME Number (Optional), Ownership Details.

9) Click to e-contacts and fill other type of contact details other than those already given during opening of shram suvidha account

10) Click on Contact Persons -> Update Primary Manager / Primary Owners and Other Representatives. 

11) Click on Identifiers -> Update the Identifications that are possessed by the entity i.e., any license issued by Municipal Corporation or authority / License under Central Excise, CLRA, Fire Department, Health Department, ROC, GSTIN, Shops and Establishment act, Sales Tax etc

12) Click on Employment Details -> Update whether the coverage is Voluntary or Compulsory.  

In Voluntary Coverage details of covered employees, excluded employees, date of agreement for coverage and date of deduction as agreed must be mentioned. In Compulsory coverage only change is instead of date of agreement the date of surpassing of statutory number of employee need to be mentioned.

13) Click on Branch / Divisions -> Update details of branches

14) Click and Update Activities conducted in business

15) Click Attachment –> Update Proof of Address / Proof of Set Up Of Establishment / License Proof / Specimen Signature of all Owners including Primary Manager and Owner / Copy of Agreement in case of Voluntary Coverage.

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