How to Use New UAN Unified Portal: Solved

Employee’s Provident Fund Organization has launched a unified portal for Employers and Employee’s. The following services are now available in this portal:-

  1. Make Online Claims (Form 31, 19, 10C)
  2. Account Transfer Request
  3. Track Claim Status
  4. Update KYC Documents (Not Allowed To Change Details Like DOB/Father’s Name)
  5. Print / Download UAN  Card
  6. Change Email Id or Phone Number.
  7. For Passbook the site to be visited is www.epfindia.gov.in, that is discussed later here.

1) How to Activate UAN: Step by Step Process

2) Know Your UAN Number: Solved

3) How To Reset Password of Unified UAN Portal: Forget Password Solved

  • Go To https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Enter UAN and Captcha
  • See mobile number shown and Press Yes
  • Fill OTP
  • Now Password should be minimum 7 characters and Maximum 20 characters. Minimum 4 alphabets, minimum 2 digits, 1 special character.  At least one character out of 4 alphabets should be Capital and one small letter.

4) How To Download UAN Card: Solved

6) File Transfer Request: Solved

Online transfer requests are accepted only when :- 

KYC details are seeded against the UAN.
Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted.
If previous / present (Exempted) trust bank account and IFS code are available.
Please ensure that the personal information shown below is correct before proceeding with claim submission. 

  • Go To Online services after login into the unified portal
  • Ensure that Present employer has been made in your PF Account
  • File Transfer Request

7) Seed KYC Documents: Solved

  • Go To Manage Tab after Login in Unified Portal
  • Click KYC
  • You can seed Bank, PAN, AADHAAR, Passport, Driving License, Election Card, Ration Card & National Population Register No
  • Click Add

8) How To Change Date of Birth or Father Name in UAN: Solved

Easy go through this https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-correct-my-DOB-in-UAN-which-was-generated-by-my-earlier-company

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  1. EPFO login is abbreviated as Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation
    unified member portal

  2. My DOB is wrongly updated in my UAN account. I had submitted the Joint Declaration Form a year back and then Birth Certificate few days back to my employer but it is still stuck. Not sure what is the issue here. I have also tried loading but this never comes up. Can you suggest something here please?